This is going to be a very simple post that will, hopefully, promote action within each and every one of us.

Attack your goals and dreams.

If you are ambitious, you have dreams, you have lofty goals, you want to pursue greatness in one area or another of your life…relentlessly attack. No one is going to come along and do the work for you.

Attack your weaknesses.

Evaluate your life and the areas in which you feel extremely weak (reading, cooking, reacting poorly to situations, not controlling your emotions, not taking accountability, etc.). Start with one weakness and attack it. Work on it every single day. Practice. Improve. Practice. Improve. Practice. Improve. Then replicate that system with another weakness. Attack.

Attack your insecurities and limiting beliefs.

You don’t like your body? Start improving the quality of your training, nutrition, and sleep. You keep telling yourself that you don’t know enough to start that business you have always wanted to start…believe me, you will never know enough. That is the point. Start. Learn. Fail. Learn. Improve. Only then will you start to learn, from experience. You will never be able to learn enough without starting. Attack.

Attack. Attack. Attack.

When it comes to achieving your goals, making positive, and sometimes uncomfortable, changes in your life, and seeking personal greatness, it requires being proactive with anticipation and educated aggression.

Aggressive in action. Patient in results.

The time to attack is now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not next year. Attack now.

Get after it!

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