We are just coming off of the Thanksgiving weekend that, for many, is a great time to be around family, eat a TON of food, and take some time to reflect.

With that said, it can be difficult to get back into your routines after a long weekend, eating and drinking whatever you want, possibly skipping a workout, etc.

BUT, it is time to get back to work.

Get back in the swing of things.

Get back into your routine.

The level of discipline and structure that you have created for yourself is your default.

When things happen out of your control, when there are holidays, birthday parties, etc. your routine can be tested, maybe even change a bit.

The difference between those that continue evolving and those that remain stagnant is how they adjust to their surroundings and how they bounce back to positive progression.

Therefore, if your default is made up of fairly weak routines and structure, the more difficult it will be for you to bounce back.

If your default, that you have continually built up over time, is made up of healthy routines and structure, it will be far easier for you to snap back into “reality”.

The point of this is, many people work extremely hard to create positive habits for themselves.

They spend months, even years, building this structure and discipline in their life.

However, we are creatures of comfort and impulse.

Holidays, social engagements, watching a show you fell in love with, spending hours on social media…

These are all things that can make it very easy to fall out of focus with your personal progress.

Enjoy yourself, your experiences, your life to the absolute fullest.

Yet, stay aware of your growth and what it takes to continue moving in a forward direction.

Build discipline.

Create healthy habits.

Maintain a strong “default”.

Time to get back to work.

Get after it!

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