It is easy to lose sight of your dreams, your goals, your passions, your purpose when life is coming at you Mach 10.

It is easy to go through the motions.

It is easy to live a frictionless life.

It is not as easy to be deliberate in your movement.

What do I mean by movement?

How you navigate through adversities, successes, failures, frustrations, emotions, etc.

Being deliberate in that movement is what sets you apart from the rest.

The way you practice a particular shot, route, serve, and so on requires deliberate action.

The way you run your business from day to day requires deliberate action.

The way you are in your relationships requires deliberate action.

The point is, being deliberate in the way that you conduct yourself is extremely important to reaching your goals.

Being deliberate is a large part of being disciplined, consistent, and relentless.

Whatever it is that you want to accomplish in your life will require positive deliberation.

It may seem overdramatic to some, however, the ability to be deliberate is why so few people reach the top.

The best athletes are deliberate with each aspect of their given game when they practice.

The most successful business owners are deliberate with their operations and administration.

The best teachers are deliberate with their teaching methods.

We can all improve in one aspect of life or another, and we should make an effort on a regular basis.

Make an effort to be deliberate.

Get after it!

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  • Nice message Sam. As usual.

    karen Masberg Bredenbeck

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