Oftentimes ‘consistency’ is coupled with accomplishing tasks, checking off your list, getting things done.

However, less often, ‘consistency’ is described with an unfavorable connotation. 

BUT...why is our level of consistency to praise when we are accomplishing our goals and performing well? Yet, our level of consistency, when we are lacking performance and not accomplishing our goals, is somehow not to blame.

Consistency is a double-edged sword.

When our level of consistency is high in productive focus and constant adaptation, we will often see our lives start to take shape in the direction of our goals, aspirations, and opportunities.

When our level of consistency is high in unproductive methods, (watching too much TV, maintaining a highly negative mindset, poorly responding to chaos in our lives, etc.) we will often see our lives start to take shape in an unfruitful direction.

Notice that both scenarios contain HIGH levels of consistency?

It is possible to be consistent with poor habits, which can be extremely detrimental to one's ability to grow and move forward in life.

Taking stock of where your time is spent and how your habits and lifestyle have formed is exceedingly important.

Without first gaining an understanding of your level of consistency in different areas of your life, you will never be able to acknowledge how to rearrange your actions.

All of us are far more consistent than we is just a matter of what type of consistency you prefer to possess in your life!

Get after it!

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