Life is a series of ups and downs.

Successes and failures (learning opportunities).

Life is a contrast.

I have talked about this many times before: it is a matter of enjoying the process that makes reaching your goals so sweet.

The same goes for going through hardships.

Those hardships might be an injury, the loss of someone, financial issues, and so on.

At the time of the injury, it is extremely frustrating.

At the time of loss, it is extremely painful.

At the time of financial struggle, it is extremely hard to see the other, more prosperous, side of things.

These hardships, although they do not feel like it at the time, are bumps in the road.

However, the size of these bumps in the road, can many times, be a byproduct of how you handle these hardships.

If you are injured, are you doing everything in your power to rehab your injury?

Are you icing, performing PT, working on where you are not injured so that you don’t develop imbalances, etc.?

If you have lost someone, are you giving yourself the opportunity to grieve and truly accept and understand the situation?

It might help to write down your thoughts, go outside on a walk or sit there breathing in the fresh air - slowing your mind down, or speak to another individual that has gone through the same thing.

If you are in financial distress, are you studying how to change your circumstances?

Are you reading up on how to manage your money, are you seeking assistance from a financially stable individual, are you opening yourself up to learning opportunities?

The suggestions and questions listed above are just a fraction of what it takes to understand how to deal with setbacks and create smaller, more manageable bumps.

Setbacks are always an inconvenience.

But that inconvenience could very well be the learning experience you need at that point in time. That is frustrating to hear and believe when you are in the midst of a setback.

Learning to deal with setbacks in a positive manner is an extremely valuable asset to carry throughout your life.

Setbacks are inevitable.

It is how you deal with those setbacks that will make the difference.

Keep your head up.

Keep working hard.

Keep learning.

Keep getting after it!

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