Whether it be in training or in life, there are times when we have to do whatever it takes to HOLD ON.

The focus and energy are transferred to the instinct and necessity for survival at that moment.

The body and the mind flip a switch and nothing else matters but to hold on a little bit longer. 

Although what is described above is primal in nature it can be transferred to almost any situation that presents itself in life.

For example, if you saw today’s Instagram post on @forgedbyforza you will notice that the weights are just barely hovering above the ground.

The body and the mind are doing everything they can to keep the weights from touching the ground...doing whatever it takes to HOLD ON.

That is what makes holding on so difficult.

The energy and focus it requires to continue moving in a forward direction, making progress.

It is easy to give up.

It is the easiest thing we can do…

Throw in the towel, convince ourselves that we will hold the weights longer on the next set, quit when adversity presents itself in the simplest way.

However, the more we do that, the more the mind and body will adjust to giving up when it senses difficulty is on the horizon.

The way to combat whatever it takes to hold on.

Push through.

Keep going.

The times when we are ready to give up and admit to ourselves that we failed is often the time when breakthroughs occur.

There are more times than not when it will feel like we aren’t accomplishing anything, all of our hard work is for nothing, we are stuck in the mud and there is no getting out.

That is the narrative that our internal (negative thoughts, feelings, fears) and external (people around us, jobs, etc.) stressors are trying to convince us is true.

BUT, if you are willing to do whatever it takes to hold on, you will breakthrough.

You will begin to notice and appreciate how far you have come.

You will begin to notice how amazing the journey has been and will continue to be.

Once you begin to notice that, holding on for more becomes second nature.

You become stronger, more resilient, harder to break.

Then, eventually, you become unstoppable.

So...continue to do whatever it takes to hold on.

Get after it!

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