Lately, when training I have found it extremely difficult to gain any enjoyment or satisfaction out of my training days. It seems as of late that my mental state is increasingly affected by things that are taking place around me. Therefore, contrary to my normal determination, I have struggled with my levels of motivation and even finding a reason to train. 

HOWEVER, today I found myself thoroughly enjoying the process of my training. The set up, the execution, the drive, the mentality...everything was aligning for peak enjoyment. 

Now, I am not saying that you have to enjoy your training in order to complete it because if that were the case training would seldom take place. BUT, I did find it to be a bit of a mental breakthrough and a small win for my day. 

What’s the point of this? The point is that a lot of times in our lives we have things that are tugging at our coattails. Stress from work, frustrations with your relationships, something happened to your car or your home, you have been lacking accountability with yourself, whatever it may be, it takes a toll and can lead to complacency. 

That is when you have a choice to make, allow it to continually control you, allow yourself a break from everything to take a step back and breath, or push through by constantly building your discipline, which will carry you through when motivation is playing hide and seek. 

Sometimes you need a break, a chance to relax and take a deep breath, enjoy your time alone. But it is when you allow yourself the opportunity to continually take the, “I need a break” route. Take your break, recharge, and then get back to building whatever it is you are trying to build. 

Every single day is not perfect, but it is a perfect opportunity to progress and enjoy the process. That is what I did today, I enjoyed the process and the progress that I felt while training. It felt good to finally enjoy training again, even if it was for today only, but it is a step in the right direction. 

Small steps forward over time will lead to exponential growth in the future, most likely when you least expect it. So, it might be worth taking a second to audit your enjoyment for what it is you accomplished today. It could just be the thing you need to push through and move on!

I hope you found something that truly excited you today as my training did for me!

Keep pushing, keep working, keep improving, keep innovating, adapting, and evolving. Then enjoy the growth along the way!

Get after it!


P.S. For reference, the date of writing this was April 22nd, 2021. I wrote this with the intent of posting it the same day/week. However, the Forged by Forza Newsletter was just getting rolled out and I happened to not follow through with posting it. I feel it is ironic that I am getting around to posting it now, as I have just talked about struggling with levels of motivation in training. 

Nonetheless, here is the newsletter for this week. I hope you guys enjoy it and find some value that you can apply to your life!

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