You most likely have heard or seen this slogan before, numerous times, when it comes to the Forza Performance brand.

Three simple words.

Three defining pillars.


  • make changes to something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products.

In our personal lives, we are the “something established”. We have established many things in our lives as our way of living…Our routines, our habits, our emotional triggers of happiness, sadness, anger, and much more. The conglomerate of the various aspects of our lives is what establishes us in the here and now. However…

What has been, and currently is, established has the potential to change through the “introduction of new methods and ideas.”

That means that as much as we feel, sometimes, that life happens to us and we are along for the ride, we have the fluid ability to innovate. 


The way we think.

The way we speak.

The way we act.

The decisions we make.

The way we treat ourselves and others.

The way we learn and how much we learn.

The way we eat.

The way we train.

So many different aspects of our lives are ripe for innovation.

The door to bettering ourselves is always open, it is just a matter of if we will make the decision to walk through it, which leads to the next pillar…


  • make (something) suitable for a new use or purpose; modify.
  • become adjusted to new conditions.

As we were the “something established” within innovation, we are the “something” in adaptation. We are constantly “suitable for a new use or purpose”; we are “suitable for modification”; we are suitable to “become adjusted to new conditions.”

Once we have innovated (introduced new methods and ideas, or at least the possibility of new methods and ideas, for our own betterment) we are ready to adapt (modify and adjust our lives for our own betterment).

These modifications come in many forms, big and small, short term and long term, simple and difficult, you get the point. Some examples of adaptations (modifications) may look like: reading 10 pages per day for 30 days, removing your favorite type of unhealthy snack from your home for a week, or committing to a training program for the first quarter of the new year.

For each of us, the catalyst to our adaptations is personal to our lifestyles and the things that we have chosen to innovate. What is not personal to each of us, and remains consistent for everyone, is the fact that we all begin to adapt when we persistently modify. 

Some adapt faster than others.

Some adapt better than others.

But all of us adapt if we remain consistent and work wholeheartedly towards our goals of self-improvement, which leads to the last Forza Performance pillar…


  • develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form.

As we were “something” in both innovation and adaptation, we are the “simple” in evolution. We are the “something” that “develops gradually, from a simple to a more complex form” to which I will add, “if consistency and discipline are observed”.

Don’t get me wrong…Life is complex. There is no doubt about it. There are countless moving parts, disruptions, and happenings. However, we are the “simple” in evolution. Either we develop in an advantageous or a disadvantageous direction, there is no in-between. There is no in-between because not moving, remaining stagnant, means we are falling behind our ultimate potential.

Therefore, as we innovate and adapt each and every day to become the best person that we possibly can be, we begin to evolve.

We evolve from a “simple” to a more “complex” version of ourselves. We continually innovate and adapt and as we do so we gradually become more complex time and time again.

We begin to become better readers.

We start to run faster or lift more weight.

We become more content and joyous with ourselves and others.

We react more positively in difficult situations.

We break through our glass ceilings and limiting beliefs to reach new heights we never thought possible.

And don’t forget, as gradual as our personal evolution can feel sometimes, the compounding effect of remaining diligent with our discipline and consistency may help in creating exponential growth…but at a bare minimum, consistent, almost predictable, growth.

Three simple words.

Three defining pillars.

When used in harmony; growth, progress, and results are bound to happen.




Get after it!

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