Just one more.

One more rep.

One more set.

One more lap.

One more pound.

One more…

It is a mentality.

One that is often misunderstood by many and demonstrated by few.

It requires a level of mental fortitude that is extremely difficult to accomplish.

It is difficult to accomplish because your mind often tells you that you are incapable of doing just one more…

Yet your body refuses to quit.

Your body is primed and ready to take action for more than you may ever realize.

The capabilities of the human body are extraordinary but many of us never allow ourselves to see what we are truly capable of.

Mind you, this does not mean going to the extreme of getting injured or putting others in danger…that should go without saying.

However, it does mean that your mind is willing to play tricks on you, therefore, your heart will have to be your guide.

That is IF you want to see what you are ultimately capable of accomplishing in your life. 

You never know until you try, right?!

Go for one more.

Get after it!

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