You have probably heard this a million times throughout your life.

“Life is a delicate balance.”

If you stop and think about that statement for a moment, it provides great meaning.

Life is delicate and fragile yet brash and bold.

Life is a privilege that remains priceless but not timeless.

It often seems that life offers countless contradictions that provide meaning to our experiences.

The finite nature of our existence is the very thing that provides meaning to our lives.

The ability to realize that our existence is finite is another challenge entirely.

That is life’s delicate balance.

Understanding that you have a limited time to accomplish your goals and make your dreams become a reality creates urgency.

Urgency to build a successful business in the shortest amount of time possible.

Urgency to become the best athlete you can be, as young as possible, and make the most out of your abilities.

Urgency to create a well-rounded way of life that allows you to take care of those around you without financial discomfort.

Whatever it may be, a certain level of urgency is always present.

However, that urgency is met with resistance.

That resistance is our desire to enjoy the journey.

Enjoy more family time.

Enjoy the process of building wealth.

Enjoy the pain and discomfort it requires to become an elite athlete.

The enjoyment comes from a certain degree of patience.

The urgency comes from a certain degree of eagerness.

Combining the two allows for a delicate balance to be created.

It is not easy.

It never will be.

But I can guarantee that it will be worth it.

Get after it!

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