It is officially the first blog post of 2022!

We are excited to have a bit of a refresh on our goals, our focus, our discipline, etc.

However, every year, for many, the process remains the same.

“New year, new me.”

Then about one to two months into the year, their lifestyle defaults back to the old systems they have in place.

The diet is lost.

The gym becomes a stranger.

The books start collecting dust.

When things become difficult or life throws you a curveball, the systems that you have in place are the automatic default that your mind and body go to.

Therefore, if you have not created systems of discipline throughout your daily life, the probability that you succeed in your new goals exponentially decreases.

This year, in order to continue pushing your life in a positive direction, work on your systems.

Build a strong foundation, so that when your life hits the reset button you don’t fall nearly as far.

In 2022, follow through for yourself.

The rest will follow.

Get after it!

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