The mind is a very complex part of life that can play an overwhelming role for many.

Subconscious actions or inaction.

Conscious intentions or lack thereof.

Positive and negative emotions.

Fear of failure.

Fear of success.

Impulsive decisiveness.

Paralysis by analysis.

There are so many little intricacies that make up the mind.

For many people, that is difficult to understand, and accept, because so many people just want to be happy, content, understood, and have connections that truly mean something.

However, many fall into bouts of frustration, anger, confusion, and depression because they don’t understand why they can’t just flick a switch and “be okay” or feel better.

What I have learned, for what it is worth, is that we just need to move forward one at a time.

One smile to a stranger.

One positive thought.

One short workout.

One breath of fresh air.

One conversation that makes you laugh, if even for a moment.

One at a time.

Just one.

Slowly you will begin building momentum that will carry you through, and out of, your rut, often unknowingly.

It is not an easy process…far from it.

Some days will be harder than others and that is okay.

We need to trust that just taking things one at a time will keep us moving forward…

Little by little…

Step by step…

One little win at a time.

It is okay to falter.

It is okay to fall.

It is okay to fail.

Just know that you are not defined by those things…

You are defined by our willingness to get back up and try again, no matter how many times it takes.

Never give up on yourself.

If all you have to give is one more each day, keep doing it…

Over and over and over again.

One more will become many more and you may soon find yourself in the happy, content, refreshed, and reinvigorated state of mind that you were previously seeking.

One at a time.

Get after it!

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