Rep after rep…

We continue to put in the work.

Sometimes it is not pretty.

Oftentimes it can be frustrating.

For example, I was doing some sport-specific training the other day and I was struggling…A LOT, to complete the drill.

The drill required me to get to a predetermined number of quality shots.

However, if I hit a poor shot I would get a point taken away.

Like clockwork, I would gain a few points and then get some taken away.

Over and over and over again.

It wasn’t for a lack of effort or focus.

It wasn’t because I was bad at that given shot.

It was because sometimes training can be a battle.

A battle with yourself to see how much you truly want it.

I could have easily given up after a few rounds of back and forth.

I could have called it quits when I was halfway through the drill because of how long it was taking.

BUT, if I would have quit, what would that have said about my mentality? My mental fortitude?

Mind you, in some cases, it is best to stop for the day, rest, refocus, and come back better the next. There is definitely a time and a place for that. However, this wasn’t one of those times.

This was a time that required me to focus and refocus time and again.

It required maximum effort for an extended period of time, rep after rep.

Eventually, I completed the drill.

I fought through the physical and mental struggle to complete the drill.

When I finished, I was frustrated, no doubt, but I was also proud of the fact that I never gave up.

I hit shot after shot after shot, moved up a few points, and then back a few, repeatedly.

Yet I stuck with it long enough to break through and reach the given goal.

The point is, oftentimes, almost always, we need to endure the struggle and the discomfort to reach our goals in life.

So many people give up when things get hard and if they would have given it their maximum effort for a little while longer, most would have broken through and started to excel.

Do not give up.

Do not give in.

Fight for your goals.

Fight to improve.

Rep after rep.

Prove it to yourself.

Get after it!

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