Team USA’s National Racquetball Team just returned from the Pan American Championships in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, which I had the honor and privilege of being a part of.

We fought extremely hard and came back with some hardware.

Bronze. Third place.

Although we did not reach our goal of coming home with the championship, we can hold our heads high because we represented with respect, pride, and extreme grit.

We represented each other on the team.

We represented our coach.

We represented ourselves.

We represented our families.

We represented our sport's community.

We represented those that supported us and made it possible for us to compete.

We represented our country.

We represented with supreme gratitude.

Having the privilege to wear “USA” on our back, draped in red, white, and blue is the most special thing that we can do as athletes in our sport.

These feelings and emotions that we athletes have, representing our nation, can be, should be, feelings and emotions that people have in their daily lives.

We should walk around in life with our heads held high…

Constantly representing.

Representing ourselves and our loved ones.

How we conduct ourselves.

How we treat other people.

How we treat ourselves.

The quality of work that we perform.

The consistency and discipline that we maintain.

The relentless nature in which we strive to improve.

These are all representations and they all mean something of great significance.

Represent with honor.

Represent with gratitude.

Represent with pride.

Represent with grit and determination.


Get after it!

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