If you were to sum up the saying “slow is smooth, smooth is fast” in three words, what would they be?!

You might say that it depends on the context and in some cases I would agree, however, in most cases I think the three words listed below fit the bill.

The three words that I would choose are…





Let’s take a simple example of learning or improving at a new lift, for example, the Barbell Back Squat.

In order to learn or improve the lift, the way many people strive to, it requires quality rep after quality rep to ensure long-term success in your lifting journey.

Once you perform quality rep after quality rep, you begin to build efficiency throughout the entire movement/lift allowing you to perform more reps, lift more weight, etc.

This then leads to the ability to lift at a greater speed or produce more power under the correct circumstances.

Now, if you do not think that is a good example let’s take one more example that has to do with human movement…particularly movement in groups.

The Navy Seals.

Some of the most highly trained, elite, savages on the planet.

In training operations, they have a plan and they execute that plan.

They start at a fraction of the speed at which the actual tactical operation will be carried out.

They run through their exercise, they adjust, and they go again…maybe this time a little bit faster.

Quality rep after quality rep after quality rep.

They build extreme efficiency in their movements; how they cover one another, their positioning, the positioning of their weapons, and their exact movements in space, down to the most minute details.

After hours upon hours of practice, they become fast.

They have prepared.

They have trained.

They have adjusted.

They have innovated.

They have adapted.

They have evolved.

Quality. Efficiency. Speed.

The more you try to force speed, the slower you become, the more mistakes you make, and your efficiency drops dramatically.

Those who are masters of their craft live by this principle.

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

Get after it!

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