Throughout life, there are many times where we fall, fail, or learn the hard way.

That is a part of the process.

Without falling down, we lack the opportunity to learn lessons, adapt, and evolve.

My brother and I fell this past weekend. 

We were competing in the National Racquetball Championships in Des Moines, Iowa.

We had made it to the Championship match in doubles where, if we won, we had the opportunity to represent the United States at upcoming events. 

We fought.

We fell.

Reflecting on that hurts.

It is painful to sit and truly analyze what happened and ask the tough questions.

It is fresh in our minds so it stings right now and will continue to sting for a while. 

HOWEVER, it is how we learn from those moments that define us.

It is how we pick ourselves back up after falling so hard. 

Learning from the experience and finding the strength to pick yourself back up is what defines who you are. 

Not the loss. 

Not the moment.

Your mentality.

When you fall, learn from the experience, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back to work.

Prove to yourself that you are able to get back up no matter what happens. 

Get after it.

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  • Very well said! Andrew said, there is lots to learn by losing, move forward!
    You both were awesome and will come back even stronger!


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