Growing up I was always taught to follow through with things when a commitment is made.

You signed up for the baseball team, which means, you are going to every practice, every game, and you are going to give 100% effort.

You signed up to volunteer, you will show up early and be ready to go.

At times it was extremely difficult.

Every single person, at one time or another, has the feeling that they don’t want to do something.

Maybe you had a rough day at school, didn’t sleep well, you forgot to do an assignment, and you just want to go home and rest instead of going to do what you already made a commitment to do.

Forget practice, right?

Not so fast.

You made a commitment to your team, your coaches, yourself, and many others.

The power of following through with that commitment until the end…makes all the difference.

You got into an argument with your spouse, one of your family members is ill, and you don’t want to wake up at 5 AM to open the doors to your business.

As painful, stressful, and uncomfortable as it is at times, you made a commitment.

Making commitments is easy.

Following through until the end and being a person of your word is slightly more difficult.

Understanding at times why it matters to fulfill your commitment to yourself or anyone else is hard.

No matter what, there will be times when you feel like throwing in the towel and not seeing it through until the end…


Don’t give up on that commitment because when everything is said and done, the growth of your character and the progress of your life will speak volumes as to why it was worth it.

Get after it!

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