Why is it that only a small percentage of people become great at what they do?

A common topic today is the discussion of greatness.

Attached to that, a lot of times, is someone's ability to write off another's achievements as luck, circumstances, or something to justify why they are successful. 

“Oh, they are great because they were born into it.”

“They have more athletic ability than me.”

“They grew up in a better neighborhood.”

“My circumstances in life don’t allow for greatness.”

All of these excuses above and many more are complete bullshit.

Your ability to become great, at whatever it is you want to excel at, is based on your propensity to remain consistently dedicated. 

Notice the word consistency

This does not mean you can be on your "A" game for one week and then be lazy for another. 

This means, if you want to be great at something, you will need to remain consistent and driven towards your goals.

If you pay attention to any person that has become great, even the best at their given field, there will be one aspect that sits at the top of that list...consistency. 

It is not their level of intelligence. 

It is not their background.

It is not their life circumstance. 

It is not their parents...or their money...or anything else for that matter. 

It is their continual pursuit of mastering consistency that sets them apart from the next person.

Quit blaming other people for where you are in life.

It is not your friends, family, community, teachers, peers or anybody else. None of these people are responsible for you becoming the best you can possibly be. 

Some of them may very well be responsible for where your life started and the things that have taken place up until now.

BUT they sure as hell are not responsible for where you end up in life. 

That’s on you. 

Take full responsibility for what has taken place and do something about it.  

Easier said than done...no doubt.

You, me, and the next person struggle with this. It is difficult. It will never be easy. BUT, it will be worth it.

That I know for a fact. 

Also, understand that this is not something you will accomplish and then it is all over. 

No...you will have to become relentless in your continual pursuit of greatness. And that takes driven, consistent, productive work every single day.

Without working on your level of consistency, even with the smallest of things, how do you expect to build a successful business? How do you expect to get the body that you want? How do you expect to be happy in your relationships? How do you expect to reach the pinnacle of what it is you are going after?

Consistency is as simple as…

Meticulously making your bed every morning.

Doing the dishes as soon as you are done.

Folding the laundry when it is finished and not walking around it for a week.

Picking up the trash you see on the side of the road while you are on your walk.

Putting your grocery cart back in the carousel and not being a prick by leaving it for someone else to clean up.

Following a workout program that keeps you accountable. 

Not cheating on your diet, if you say you are going to follow one.

Showing up early to your meetings and appointments.

The list goes on and on. And it will continue to grow the more you pay attention to the process of seeking greatness by way of being consistent. 

The great thing about the list continuing to grow...many of those things become second nature. You don’t even think about them anymore because they have become ingrained in your lifestyle.

Accept the challenge of a longer list. 

Accept the idea that consistent ACTION is what separates the uncommon from the masses.

Only a small percentage become great because they consistently INNOVATE, ADAPT, and EVOLVE.

Oh and one more thing, join the Forza Family. Make it one of those things to check off of your list:)

Get after it!

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