Train: Develop and improve through instruction or practice over a period of time.

Oftentimes, “training” is thought to be physical in nature such as exercising, practicing for your sport, preparing for a triathlon, etc.

However, training is much deeper than just its physical aspect.

Training is a lifestyle.

Training can be physical, intellectual, occupational, social, financial, so on and so forth.

With that said, training is essential to life and longevity.

In my opinion, without consistent innovation, adaptation, and evolution of your training, becoming the best version of yourself remains out of reach.  

Training requires planning, dedication, consistency, accountability, sacrifice, and a host of other traits.

It is not easy to devote hours upon hours to becoming a better version of yourself, yet it is necessary to become the best possible person you can be.

There is no shortcut to a better body.

There is no shortcut to becoming more intelligent.

There is no shortcut to habit adaptation.

There is no shortcut to better social skills.

There is no shortcut to being more emotionally sound.

There is no shortcut to success.

The beautiful thing about the lack of short cuts is the ability to enjoy and cherish the process, the journey.

In the moment, it can be extremely difficult to understand the hardship, adversity, frustration, or reason. Yet, when we look back, many times, the process is what made the result so satisfying.

Without maintaining healthy levels of the essentials in life, we are persistently straining for homeostasis...for balance.

Life remains difficult, that is natural.

However, we have an opportunity, and an obligation to ourselves, to become a better version of who we were yesterday and the day before that.

It is a process...and that is what makes it so incredibly worth it.

Training is essential to a healthy lifestyle and, in my mind, one of the essentials of life.

Train your body.

Train your mind.

Train your habits.

Train your systems and processes.

Train for life.

Get after it!

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