Everyone is different when it comes to their state of mind and how they speak to themselves.

Some are extremely positive and radiate that emotion.

Some are extremely negative and radiate that emotion.

We all carry emotion differently throughout life yet many of us remain completely unaware of how to utilize our emotions.

Our self-talk matters.

The way we speak to others matters.

Thinking before speaking matters.

It is often too easy to speak from a place of anger or frustration or sadness.

Words start to spill out, whether it is towards ourselves or someone else, and they come from an emotional state that has most likely built up over a period of time.

Constantly saying negative things about ourselves, to ourselves, is detrimental to our overall health, mental and physical.

Exponential growth can just as easily become exponential decay.

Emotions, positive or negative, require extremely high levels of energy, which for many can become exhausting.

Working not to harbor our emotions but to exercise our emotions efficiently throughout our everyday lives is something that we should all strive to improve.

Testing ourselves to go a full day without saying a single negative thing.

Pushing ourselves to genuinely compliment someone on something they did well.

Actively seeking ways to increase our ability to manage and express emotion internally and externally, whether it be meditation, visualization, breathing exercises, etc. are small steps in the right direction.

We need to take accountability for our words and how those words turn into thoughts, ideas, and actions.

Only then will we slowly start to evolve and develop efficiency in how we express more thoughtful and beneficial words and emotions towards ourselves and others.

Words are a powerful tool.

Keep working hard to become the person you want to be in every aspect of wellness; mental, emotional, physical, intellectual, and so on.

Keep struggling to better yourself…it is worth it.

Keep improving your self-talk and the way you speak to others.

Keep getting after it!

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