“You become what you constantly think about and take action upon.”

Almost exactly six years ago, I was traveling to Stockton, CA to compete in my last Junior National Racquetball Tournament.

This tournament encompassed an experience that I will never forget for various reasons, but two I will touch on here.

The first reason being that I won gold in both singles and doubles!

The second reason is how I went about doing it.

Of course the countless hours of training, eating well, recovering, and putting in the time.

BUT, I will always attribute a large portion of that year’s success to VISUALIZATION.

For an entire year I spent every single night before bed with my eyes closed visualizing each microscopic detail of what that singular tournament would entail.

An. Entire. Year.

Thinking about it every single day, multiple times per day.

The competition, the shot selection, the flight, the food, the speeches, the feeling, the internal and external stressors and conversations...anything that mattered, I would express in those moments.

Now, looking back, it was one of, if not, the most beneficial aspects of my training.

It helped dig up and throw away any negativity, doubt, or fear that I possibly could have had about performing to the best of my ability and reaching the only goal I had win both divisions, granting me a spot on the Junior National Team to represent Team USA at the World Championships.

The most unbelievable part about it was the moment that I had hit the winning shot. It felt as if that exact shot was hit numerous times before. Then, when I was giving my speech, it felt as if I had already been there, repeating words I had already said. 

Although visualization is extremely hard to place in statistics and raw science, to me it was visceral and amazingly satisfying. 

The point is, if you are able to place importance on a goal and then actively visualize reaching that point, it will greatly assist in your process.

Of course, the surrounding effort needs to be there. It will not just be handed to you. You will have to earn it, and once you do, you will have a better reason as to why!

Get after it!

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  • Nice job SAM!

    Karen Bredenbeck

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